Does this sound familiar? Are You:

  • Checking in on a family member several times a week?
  • Beginning to manage aspects of a family member’s life?
  • Delivering grocery items, setting doctor’s appointments, taking care of household chores?
  • Constantly being asked for updates on a loved one?
  • Unsure of location of life insurance policies, wills, military documents, and marriage certificates?
  • Part of a family that is spread out across the state or country?
  • Worrying if taking care of your aging loved ones will affect your job?
  • Missing activities in your life due to managing your loved ones household?

Learn how Peg’s family was brought together by Premier Elder Solutions.

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If something happens to a loved one – who is the first one called?

Do you have a way to notify everyone quickly? How will you continue to share updates and ensure everyone is informed on an ongoing basis? Do you have a place to share and store important appointments, tasks or documents needed to ensure your loved on is taken care of?

Premier Elder Solutions was created to help keep track of information for older family members we love.

At the same time, it reminds us that we ALL are vulnerable to the fact that if something happens to us – are our lives in order?  There are $7.4 billion in life insurance payouts uncollected, due to the beneficiaries being unaware of the policies.  Shouldn’t all this information be accessible in a safe, secure, centralized place, where our family members can easily access it?

Premier Elder Solutions is offered through company benefit plans and individually.

Premier Elder Solutions is a voluntary benefit for companies to offer to their employees, but can also be purchased on an individual basis.  It helps families stay together by simplifying and securing the aspects of managing a loved one’s care as they age.  You can control what each user can see in an electronic vault that is protected by SSL encryption and follows HIPAA privacy rules.  You control access to your loved one’s information.

Getting started is easy!

A Premier Elder Solutions membership is a way to create, store and share information about the loved ones for which you are caring. A membership allows access to a network of discounts, 24/7 nurse help line and other services to help you along your families journey.  Register for a membership and involve your family and friends in just three simple steps.

  • Are you looking for Caregiver support? Online access to information to help guide caregivers and families. Advice? Over 30+ clinicians on staff. A long term care provider data base with 90,000+ providers Nationwide.

  • How about discounts on Diabetes Supplies, Hearing aid, Vision, Dental and much more. Then join today and see how our services can help you help your loved one.

See How Premier Elder Solutions Can Help You Today!

The biggest challenge I faced when taking care of mom, was making sure everyone was informed. I was spending a lot of time at work and after work calling everyone to ensure they all had the same information. Now, my Premier Elder Solutions account allows me to send one message to everyone giving them the same information all at once. I was even able to invite the in home care providers and now they can inform the rest of the family directly. This has really saved me time and allowed me to be more focused at work.

Premier Elder Solutions really showed me how to include others in the daily activities I had taken on when caring for my father. Once I invited my 3 brothers into my Father's profile, they were able to step in and help as needed. I had no idea how much I was taking on and how it was impacting my life. I could simply add Dad's next doctors appointment into his profile and they could take him to that appointment without me having to ask. This has made my work life less stressful.

Each year, our company looks for ways to support our employees through the benefits we offer them. Part of this search includes looking for products that help them prepare for issues they may encounter in the future. With Premier Elder Solutions, we are able to supplement the cost of the subscription for our employees while giving them access to a service that will help them care for their loved ones more efficiently.