Welcome to Premier Elder Solutions.  The following Community Guidelines (“Guidelines”) apply to this website and all other services of Premier Elder Solutions, LLC, its subsidiaries, affiliates, divisions and successors (collectively “Provider”).  PLEASE READ THESE GUIDELINES OF USE CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS WEBSITE OR OTHER SERVICES OF PREMIER ELDER SOLUTIONS.

Premier Elder Solutions is, at its most basic level, a community of those who care about others.  This website was created with the intent to assist family and friends in the care of their loved ones who need assistance in their day-to-day living.  This is achieved through both smaller, private communities centered around a specific individual, as well as the larger community of Premier Elder Solutions users, providers and health care professionals, consultants, and others through recommendations, ideas, solutions, or even just someone to lend an ear.

As the hub of both the smaller and larger community, Premier Elder Solutions has adopted these Guidelines to ensure that our community is safe, supportive, and trustworthy.  Premier Elder Solutions trusts its users to show respect towards others when visiting this website.

Here are some common sense rules that will help ensure Premier Elder Solutions remains the type of community our users have come to expect.

  1. Violations of Privacy.

If someone has posted information that you consider private, whether about yourself or a family member, without your consent, first ask the user who submitted the content to remove it.  If you can’t reach an agreement with the other user, you may request removal of the content by contacting Premier Elder Solutions at  For content to be removed under these circumstances, an individual must be uniquely identifiable.  When Provider receives such a request, we consider the type or nature of the content, the personal interest, community interest, and consent as factors in the decision of whether to remove the content or not.

  1. Hateful Content.

Premier Elder Solutions encourages free speech, particularly to solve problems that may arise in the course of caring for an elder.  We also are aware that caring for a loved one in end of life circumstances can be incredibly stressful and emotionally difficult, and therefore ask our users to be mindful of the words and content used on this site.  Under no circumstances will Premier Elder Solutions allow hate speech.  Hate speech is defined as content that promotes or encourages violence or hatred against individuals or groups based on certain attributes, such as:  race or ethnic origin; religion; disability; gender; age; veteran status; sexual orientation or gender identity.  Any such speech found to be hateful by Premier Elder Solutions, in its sole discretion, will be removed from the site.

  1. Harassment and Cyberbullying.

We expect the Premier Elder Solutions community to be able to use our services without fear of being subjected to malicious harassment.  In cases where harassing content crosses the line into a malicious attack, it will be removed at the sole discretion of Premier Elder Solutions.  In other cases, users may find the content petty or annoying and should instead be ignored.  Cases of harassment where the content may be removed include:  abusive content and messages; revealing someone’s personal information without consent; maliciously recording someone without their consent; deliberately posting content in order to humiliate someone; or making hurtful and negative comments about someone.

  1. Spam, Deceptive Practices, Misleading Metadata, and Scams.

Premier Elder Solutions is constantly working to keep the community free to spam, scams and other deceptive practices that attempt to take advantage of our users.  It is not okay to post large amounts of untargeted, irrelevant, unwanted or repetitive content.  If the main purpose of your content is to drive people off of Premier Elder Solutions, it will likely violate these Guidelines and our Terms of Use.

  1. Harmful or Dangerous Content.

Please do not post content that encourages others to do things that might cause them or others to get badly hurt.  Content that Premier Elder Solutions, in its sole discretion, considers to incite violence towards others, illegal activities, drug use, or other activities that where serious injury may result, will be deleted from the site.

  1. Nudity and Sexual Content.

It should go without saying that the Premier Elder Solutions community will not tolerate any sexually explicit content of any kind, as it has no value or relevance to this website or its stated purpose.

Premier Elder Solutions continually monitors website traffic and complaints.  If you are found to violate these Guidelines and/or the Terms of Use, you will be notified.  Continued abuse will result in your account being terminated and, in extreme circumstances, your IP address will be blocked.

This is your community, and we want it to be as useful and supportive as possible.  Abiding by these Guidelines will ensure an enjoyable experience for all.